Be Love Service - With You We Make a Difference

Our Mission  is to serve. Be Love exists to support transformative, community-based causes and organizations that serve youth and families. We aim to inspire and empower people through art, education, and activism.

Our Vision  Be Love is in business to support a positive transformation in our community.  We do this by creating quality apparel that is beautiful and inspiring. We donate a portion of the profit from sales to fund powerful and transformative service projects.  (Be Love service projects are focused on feeding the hungry, education, nonviolence and community empowerment).

Be Love Service Projects:
In our 10-year history, Be Love has partnered with many grass-roots organizations here in Los Angeles.  Among them, we have worked with Yoga for Youth (501c3) - to provide yoga teacher training and yoga practice to incarcerated youth, Common Peace (501c3) - to create and share education and art programs that teach the principles of nonviolence to students in L.A., and Alexandria House (501c3) - a full service residence for homeless women & children who have escaped domestic violence and sex trafficking to help fund and support the after-school academic enrichment program for inner city youth.

Our Current Service Focus
With your help - we prepare and deliver food to our unhoused brothers and sisters in the communities where we work in Los Angeles.  We serve a delicious home cooked meal to a person in need for every item you purchase here on the Be Love website. You are part of our service.
1 purchase = 1 meal served to a person in need.

In Addition
Along with our new website, Be Love has launched a new service initiative. We are partnering with and featuring artists and activists who are on the front lines of creating positive social change for a just and sustainable future.  With a focus on social, economic, and environmental justice, Be Love will introduce our audience to people and organizations that are doing the vital work necessary to change our current paradigm from one that exploits the earth and its people into a paradigm that honors the rights and dignity of all people and the planet.
You can find on the Be Love website, a blog that features a growing number of extraordinary people - change makers - who will share their work and experience in order to inspire us to live lives of active empowerment!  Be Love is raising awareness and funds that will be donated to the causes that are featured.

This is Be Love.  Together with you we are in service and making a difference.  Thank you for taking this journey with us and for your loving support!!



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