'Power to the People' Organic Cotton Fleece Pullover Hoodie - Cream

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Color: Cream

We are directing profits from the sales of our POWER TO THE PEOPLE design to support WATERMELON RELIEF a group of dedicated humans providing meals and activities to support displaced families in Gaza. 

The team is led by Ahmed Al-Madhoun, a community activist and Hamada Shaqoura, a chef and activist.

The circumstances in Gaza are so dire, yet the love and resilience of these individuals determined to find a way to serve the people is something extraordinary.

Their GoFundMe is LINKED HERE. You can stay connected by following them on Instagram @watermelonrelief

It goes without saying that if the tee is not something you need please consider donating directly to the fund, any amount will help $5, $10. If you are unable to contribute financially sharing the campaign is just as important. 

Power to those that care for our collective well being. Power to the people who love humanity and believe in a just society where everyone has a right to freedom. Power to the people who lead with love. Power to the people who seek to disrupt systems of injustice. Power to the people who believe in inclusivity. Power to the people who work together for a collective liberation.

Together the people make a difference!!

Material: 100% Exceptional High Quality Organic Cotton Fleece

Fit: Unisex hoodie, like your favorite cozy-warm vintage sweatshirt. Great for both men and women.

Feel: Very soft and heavy weight cozy warm.

For the Good of Everyone: This garment is produced in a wind mill powered, Fair Trade Certified™ facility. This means that our products were grown, harvested, crafted and traded in ways that improve lives and protect the environment. 

Made with Love - Silk screened by hand in Los Angeles.