Be Love is beautiful and inspired clothing created with purpose by partners KamGi and Kyle Finch. The Be Love brand is rooted in service to our community. We create original art and clothing of the highest quality - made locally in Los Angeles, California. We constantly strive to be environmentally conscious, ethical & sustainable, to be inclusive and celebrate all people.

In our 19 years of business - Be Love has partnered with many tremendous nonprofit organizations to raise money and awareness for great causes that serve women, children, and families. We work in collaboration with non-profits that are making a major difference in people's lives while empowering our communities.

Be Love founders Kyle and KamGi met in 2001 when KamGi said yes to a friend's spontaneous invitation and traveled from London to Chiang Mai Thailand to study Thai Yoga Massage and meditation. At that time, Kyle - traveling from Topanga California - was following his soul's calling while cycling through the back-country in Thailand and Laos. Upon discovering the border crossing into Cambodia closed, Kyle changed course and rode the winds of change to Chiang Mai where we met one magical evening at a rooftop cafe overlooking the old city and its golden temples.

The following day we met again - silently walking on a winding path leading through the forest to a gorgeous waterfall. We swam together in crystal clear water and for the following two weeks lived and loved deeply. Then we parted ways - KamGi to Burma and Kyle to Nepal - not knowing for sure if or when we would see one another again. As destiny would have it, over a year would pass before we would reunite. Kyle asked KamGi to come visit him in Topanga, California where he was living and teaching middle school. We said yes then to live together in the beautiful mountains of Topanga - where we are now with our 2 children - Jai and Satya and our pup Silver.

The seeds of Be Love Apparel were sown in 2004 as we were expecting our first baby - Jai. The creative vibrations were flowing strong and & the vision for Be Love came in clear. We were already very active in social justice causes and the peace movement in Los Angeles - studying nonviolence and organizing direct actions - and we realized that our truest passion was to serve. We decided to take our experience from former careers in art, education, and branding to create Be Love and through it raise funds and awareness for empowering projects that uplift our community. We went to work and began making this vision a reality - creating beautiful graphic art and ethical apparel that communicate inspiring messages of Justice, universal Love and Truth. The Be Love brand was born.

We built Be Love to serve, inspire, activate and empower. We are more committed than ever to creating beauty and being a force for positive change. We thank you for joining us on this magical journey!!