Posted on August 19 2021

Colleen Choi

Colleen, please share with us how you Be Love in the world :)

"I share my love through connection. Living a nomadic life, my community changes moment by moment. Sometimes my community is the people around me; most of the time it is trees and water. During my morning prayers, I like to ask the day "How can I serve?". For example, the night before visiting Machu Picchu in Peru, I connected with the mountain and the energy of the place, to ask for permission to come. I then asked, "How can I serve you?" The mountain said, "I need prayers."
I arrived early in the morning because I knew I would need a lot of time. Through the hordes of visitors, I found a spot and sat in stillness for a few hours. I sat there praying, meditating, connecting, feeling, loving - being. While walking through I came across a stream that ran through the whole site. I took a moment to pray over the water. I normally move very slowly through a place, feeling and connecting with the intentions of the original people. Sometimes a place asks for clearing, most of the time it just wants to be seen and honored. As I was leaving, I saw a rock with a rectangular hole carved out of it. Inside were offerings from other people. I took a moment to send gratitude and give offerings of my own. As I was doing this, a family from Lima approached me asking what I was doing. In my basic spanish I explained. They asked if they could join me and together we prayed to the mountain and the ancestors of the land. We took turns speaking from our hearts. We hugged each other and left with a deep sense of connection and love."


Why did you choose the Be Love design you're wearing?

"Truth is rising more and more each day. The trees tell me to bend towards the light. "Be brave, be willing to let go of your form, be willing to let go of all that you thought you knew in order to take in the new energy that is here." Everyday we grow stronger and stronger, in heart and in consciousness, hand in hand we grid the planet with our love. Heart to heart we return to the truth of who we are - nature. We are nature. We are the trees, the rocks and the birds. We are the wind, the sky and the stars. We breathe in life, we breathe out love. Together as one Earth community, as one greater universe community, we reclaim the energy and frequency of our being.  "Purge away all that is not love. Purge away all that separates you from another. Purge away all that constricts and restricts." says the trees. Breathe in the love from the flowers, the medicine from the sun, soak your body in the wisdom of water, and commune in the love of one another. What is your inner heart saying to you? What is the flame within your soul whispering? Acknowledge it and let it roar. Let that voice roar like thunder, as we reclaim our birth right on this planet. We stand with Earth, as we stand heart in heart with each other. We are nature."

You can find out more about Colleen on her instagram page @colleenchoi