Posted on September 22 2021

Carolyn Day

Carolyn, please share with us how you Be Love in the world :)

"I am BE LOVE in the World because I aim to lead a life of regeneration. I find inspiring, the idea of leaving a space, a human and an interaction regenerated. To leave it better than we found it. This applies to the earth as well as it does humans and communities. I aim to align my personal values of equity, compassion, 
honesty and selflessness with my life mission of helping folks of modest means grow food. I am the founder of an organization called Growing Hope Gardens, where our mission is to empower people of small means and those experiencing homelessness, by creating regenerative, organic urban resident gardens at affordable housing and homeless shelters.
Let's all BE LOVE by remembering other people's humanity."


Why did you choose the Be Love design you're wearing?

"I chose the Earth Lover graphic because it is so primal to our existence. Without love, our earth cannot continue to sustain us and life on earth. Mother earth NEEDS us to show it love to sustain life. Clean waters, air and soils are a show of love. We are not separate from earth. We are earth."