Posted on July 13 2021

Courtney Preis

Courtney, please share with us how you Be Love in the world :)

"I am a songwriter and an organic farmer. I "be love" by sharing stories and messages through my songwriting. I want my listeners to see their own experiences through my music AND learn more about the powerful connection between humans and soil. I strive for my music and lifestyle to bring inspiration to listeners, whether it's to find their own musical voice or to start their own backyard garden. 

Why did you choose the Be Love design you're wearing?


"I chose the Topanga Canyon BE LOVE t-shirt because I absolutely adore Topanga. I found Topanga (or it found me) just this past January and I feel SO held by these mountains and the community that lives here. I want to represent this amazing community!" 


You can find out more about Courtney @courtneypreismusic